Top 10 places to visit with our cars.


The palm beach of Vai  is one of the largest attractions of the Mediterranean island of Crete. The palm beach, which belongs to the Moni Toplou, is the touristic centre of East Crete, with thousands of visitors each year. Vai lies close to Palekastro,Sitia.


The magic of the sea floor and the diving experience into such a familiar yet unknown world -the sea world of the Mediterranean – cannot be described in just a few words. 

Lake Kournas

Lake Kournas is a lake on the island of Crete near the village of Kournas. It is in the Apokoronas municipality of Chania regional unit close to the border with Rethymno regional unit, 47 km from the town of Chania. Kournas is a fairly large village perched on a hill overlooking the lake.


Spinalonga is an island located in the Gulf of Elounda in north-eastern Crete,in Lasithi, next to the town of Plaka. During Venetianrule, salt was harvested from salt pans around the island. The island has also been used as a leper colony. Spinalonga has appeared in novels, television series, and a short film.

Arkadi Monastery

The Arkadi Monastery  is an Eastern Orthodox monastery, situated on a fertile plateau 23 km (14 mi) to the southeast of Rethymnon. The current catholicon (church) dates back to the 16th century and is marked by the influence of the Renaissance.


Elafonisi is an island located close to the southwestern corner of the island, of which it is administratively a part, in the regional unit of Chania. The island is a protected nature reserve. It is known for its pink sand beaches, created by tidal and wave-induced deposits of pigmented microorganisms living in a symbiotic relationship with…

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